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Depurator-omekšivač vode GIX5 1/2″

2.090,00 kn + PDV
Automatic water softener GIX5

Omekšivač-depurator vode GIX12

2.577,00 kn + PDV
Automatic water softener GIX12

Omekšivač-depurator vode Maxi GIX Volumetric

4.380,00 kn + PDV
maxi clean Automatic water softener Maxi Volumetric

Puly descaler 2x125ml

30,00 kn + PDV
Liquid quick descaler for coffee machines and boilers. It also acts in cold water, ideal for cleaning the water tank.

Sol za regeneraciju CLARAMAT 25kg

67,20 kn + PDV
Tabletirana sol za regeneraciju ionskih masa.,

Test za ukupnu tvrdoću vode

135,00 kn + PDV
WATER TOTAL HARDNESS TEST KIT 2X15 ML The total water hardness indicates the amount of minerals (calcium, magnesium, calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate) present inside the water. The value is expressed in French degrees °fH.